After Ever Happy PDF Download

By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2015-02-24
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romance

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Hardin and Tessa was suppose to get married. If feels like the book wasn’t finished at the end. You spend some much time reading them go back and forward to leave it unfinished. Tessa was sad at the end too, she can’t have what she wants. I though that it was going to be worth reading their arguments and growth but, the ending wasn’t worth it. The books are great with the drama and back story. I just feel like I was left hanging.
by: BookLuver21

It seems the author was in a hurry to finish the whole series of Hardin and Tessa. She was like ok I’m so done with this, let’s just finish it. The story goes on and on until the end-and then it gets so sloppy and all over the place. It’s looks more like a rough draft rather then the edited piece. The sad part I wasted so much time reading the whole series and they never get married. Very depressing feeling at the end. She is not the same person. Completely broken and sad. It seems like she went through her own Hunger games. The ending gave me the feeling of the last chapter of Hunger games. Same depressed feeling and rushed ending. And no real closure.
by: LenchikB1

I am in love💙. I read the watt pad version first. And am so glad that there was a happy ending. My heart ached for Hessa. I’m so glad they got there happy ending!!!!
by: Gaugesmomma

Adore this book series, finished it in less than a week!
by: Isabela22333

I just loved this book series! I cried and was heartbroken all at the same time. So happy how this book ended! Amazing just amazing.
by: Mommahallof5

I f ing loved it Scott came so dam far in this saga I like to hear that his life end happy and that he was a dad to his kids that his fathers could never be to him But I have to ask What’s with the newer names? Hardin Landon And Zed and there children’s names? I only like Hardin Emery and Zed! I more of a EMILY LILA ANASTASIA AND HELEN kinda natural names kinda girl and those four girls names are my favorites As for boys I like Maxwell Jake and Dylan
by: Babs730

I truly enjoyed this series! It was so real and full of the love and loss, pain and pleasure, calmness and drama. It truly speaks truth in that no one and no relationship is perfect! Life is crazy and this book series captures it. I was annoyed throughout the series with typos and and some questions left unanswered. Also with some things that happened but later in the book were described in a different way, but overall it was a very addictive series. The last book (this book) felt rushed at the end. The series in a whole was very detailed and took its time to truly make you feel what each character was feeling and gain empathy for every scenario, but the last book rushed through the most important conclusions! It was disappointing in that it lacked the feeling that the rest of the books gave me. I laughed, cried, yelled, was angry, shocked, and felt overwhelming joy for the characters. Anna Todd helped me to fall in love with each character in her detailed and raw emotions but this book fell flat and left me craving for the raw emotion that I felt throughout the rest of the series. Overall I gave it 5 stars because of the emotion, depth, reality, and rawness of her writing.
by: ChristineFlip11