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By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2014-10-21
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Couldn’t put this one down. The characters and atmosphere of this story stuck with me for awhile.
by: Hhhhhhhhaaaaffffdjaooenfhx

I could not put this down and I’m not even a reader like that I’m so obsessed I wanted to read it again and will when I’m done!!!! This is incredible.
by: Obsessedwithmakeup

When i first saw this book on Wattpad in my recommended list, i was slightly intrigued. I used to be such a huge fan of the one direction boys when i was in middle school (which was when they were at the height of their carrer) and constantly read fanfiction of them. I had started reading the Wattpad version not too long before i had heard of the movie. I am so glad that i started reading the book and i instantly fell in love with it. I am so proud of Anna Todd and all of the hard work she has put into this book and the movie as well. She is such an amazing author and an inspiration. Anna, i wish i could tell you in person about how proud i am of you. Your work ethic and incredible writing skills never fail to make me smile. I didn't have the chance to go and see it in theaters, but from the little clips i've seen on Instagram in my feed it looks like a pretty gosh darn good film to watch. So i highly recommend that you read the book and maybe go see rhe movie with a group of friends, have a good time, laugh, cry, and enjoy! Please go and buy this or read it on Wattpad, and read the other books (after we fell, after we collided, & after ever happy; and the prequel called Before) and support Anna Also to address those who are confused as to why Harry's name (and i think the rest of the guys' names) was changed to Hardin (Zayn to Zedd, and Liam to Landon): that is because you physically cannot publish FANFICTION so (i'm assuming) that the publishing company made Anna change the names so that they could publish it as a like normal, perhaps original, story
by: kaylamarieEliz

This was an awesome book! I could not stop reading it !
by: b.15.p

This book is definitely not the most well written book I’ve read. I also do agree with other readers that the relationship was toxic and not something people should look for in real life. At the end of the day this is a Fan Fiction! I’m a fan of the drama even though it does get repetitive. I recommend this to anyone that won’t take it to seriously.
by: rosemaryromero

I couldn’t put the entire series down! Also, go see the movie<3 Loved it so much.
by: AMarie88

BEST BOOK IVE EVER READ, I normally hate hate hate reading but this got me to read constantly. I definitely recommend it !!
by: D_L_B