The Twelve Tribes of Hattie (Oprah's Book Club 2.0 Digital Edition) PDF Download

By: Ayana Mathis
Relase Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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I really enjoyed this book! Love the author's "voice" - I found the honesty and authenticity of the characters engrossing. I was smitten from the first page - when we witness Hattie's greatest loss, which impacts who she is and how she loves for the rest of her life. I was sorry to see it end, and it in fact ended much to abruptly for me, leaving me asking, but what happened to... as it's difficult not to want the rest of the story. It seems, incomplete somehow, in that we just don't know.
by: Keleison

I don't know what to say about the book. I thought it would have been a great novel to read. However, I found the chapters long and drawn out and complete. Each child had a chapter except Ruthie and Ella. Whatever happen to Floyd? What drove Cassie to her mental illness? And Alice and Billy. I guess I cant understand lofty writing. Oh btw I totally skipped the Franklin chapter as well as some pages in the chapters.
by: mommaT412

From the first chapter, be prepared to taste every word. The emotions depicted in each chapter consume you...I cried, laughed, truly felt the description so powerfully, the best sense I can apply to this novel is tasty...I tasted. I touched. I smelled. I felt every single word. Thank you Ms. Mathis.
by: JstPrtty

This book made me stop, go back and finish reading at a much slower pa e because I did not want it to end. Outstanding book. From the south to north migration of Black people to the 1980's when we really started dealing with mental illness, this book takes you on a slow ride through the lives of a family that is disconnected yet tied together. Is a mother's love about hugs and misses or food on the table and a roof over your head?
by: 1pw

Not impressed. I tried with this book. Author is from my home town of Brooklyn NY. I wanted to like it, really i did. Although not a total fail, this novel did not move me. For all the praise Oprah gave it I thought the story would stay with me, characters memorable. I got none of the above. I couldn't even keep track of all of Hattie's kids. While smartly written and creative, where's the basic structure... Plot, climax and most importantly conclusion . It annoyed me. I get the moral of the story... Blah, blah..Hattie ruined her kids life by not showing them enough love... Blah!! Hattie was angry about her disappointments...blah.. Not impressed.
by: Nappyreader

For me, it was not a great read, just an okay read. I feel this way not because of the authors writing, she is good. For me it was just an okay read but nothing more than that...meh. My soul did not awaken, I wasn't riveted, and for me, it wasn't a cant put down page turner. Just a glimpse into the lives of Hatties grown children. It may have been better if the characters were presented in a way that made me care about them, but the development wasn't there to create that feeling.
by: whosyurgranny

Great read!!!
by: DynaDyne