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By: Louise Penny
Relase Date: 2012-08-28
Genre: British Detectives, Mysteries & Thrillers

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I could use many adjectives for this book, but I’ll sum it up with outstanding!! Beautifully written. Love your books, Louise Penny, thank you.
by: Scov2

Penny strays from Three Pines into a remote monastery. The story drags, but the reader will learn a great deal about Gregorian chant. I wish she had stayed in the familiar village so overrun with murder. Perhaps she needed a break.
by: Hat36

This is the first book I read by Louise Penny. Could not put it down. I know I started with the latest of her series, but I did not feel I missed anything. Since then I have started from the beginning with Still Life and I just finished Fatal Grace. She is an amazing writer. Just the right dose of mystery, humor, well developed characters, and a great story line. So far I have not figured out any of the endings before Inspector Gamache. This is what makes for a wonderful mystery. The clues are cleverly laid out so that I should be able to figure it out, but alas, hind sight is 20/20.
by: Joyseygrl

I had such hopes for this book. Louise Penny is without a doubt a superb writer with the gift for creating a relationship between the reader and her characters. Most of the time, I procrastinate doing chores because I can't wait to get back to these fictional people. A Beautiful Mystery lacked, for me, the relational invitation, the desire to sit across from her creations and interact with them, at the expense of other things. I was content to observe and merely read. I felt at points that the author was trying too hard to increase her page numbers by drawing out and repeating information; I thought that she did not keep Gamache as sharp as he has always been and that Beauvois was drawn closer to 25 than 38. The Arnot Case has got to conclude. . Y
by: She She 1192

One word can describe ... Exquisite. Complex characters, crisp writing, strong emotions, and a fascinating back story. Can't wait for the next one.
by: P0oh70

More like the laborious mystery! Too drawn out, no real character development, minimal suspense, culminating with a hastily put together ending that is void of any real creative depth. I was waiting for the mystery to happen. What a waste of time!
by: Mick Sl.

I have read this series in chronological order since that is the best way to enjoy character development. This latest one was so very disappointing on so many levels. The two main characters have become caricatures and even unlikable, especially in Beauvoir's case. Their behavior toward each other is unappealing in the extreme, duplicitous, and quite unbelievable. This was highlighted in this book as much by Gamache's patronizing behavior toward Beauvoir as Beauvoir's treacherous turn regarding Gamache and Annie. Not a satisfying effort since almost all of the continuity for this book rested on the shoulders of Gamache and Beauvoir, who seem unequal to the task. Perhaps Ms. Penny should study Donna Leon's books to see how real characters are developed and real relationships are depicted.
by: Stephen Anderson