Seaside Serenade PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Relase Date: 2019-05-15
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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OMG this Flirt from the Seaside Summers series is as adorable and charming as it is sexy. Brock and Cree are amazing together and I love that they were both oblivious to each others’ feelings for so long. Of course if you toss in one very big misunderstanding that aided in keeping them apart, you end up with a very big It’s about time moment!! I love how the gang gets involved to make this an unforgettable weekend! And how finally, Brock and Cree make sweet, beautiful music together!
by: KindleKat64

A love in bloom “flirt” AKA Melissa’s Novellas. Seaside Serenade is a great fun story about Brock Garner and Cree Redmond. Brock and Cree are both attracted to each other but a misunderstanding with Brock believing that Cree is dating Justin Wicked keeps his distance from Cree. Brock and Cree are fireworks together! Another amazing story and great introduction if you haven’t read any of the other books in the Seaside Summers series.
by: xiotisa00

This is a sweet, short romance that takes over Valentine’s Day weekend! Handsome former pro-boxer and gym owner Brock Garner has been smitten over his newest employee, Cree Redmond, but has been keeping his distance because she is already spoken for. Or is she? This book is filled with smoking hot chemistry, misconceptions, and surprises. Many fan favorites of the Seaside Summers series reappear and provide updates on their lives which is always a plus! Their friends also witness Bree letting her guard down by going out of her comfort zone and performing live because of Brock’s encouragement. Love that about him. He’s all alpha but very sweet and lovable. Bree is witty and charming and you just love her drive and determination. I love how this author always defines her characters and makes you feel as if you really know them. They each have unique characteristics, mesh so well, and are meant to be together. For Brock and Bree, even though their romance happened quickly, it was a long time brewing, and their connection is magical. I liked how they didn’t play any games, were honest with their feelings, and could focus on building a future together.
by: Suzanne Golt