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By: Jasinda Wilder
Relase Date: 2018-12-07
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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I love this series and the amazing men of Dad Bods. The friendships are fierce and the men are all alpha. Laurel and Ryder are the couple featured in Nailed. They have similar relationship histories and are hesitant to commit again. But, when Ryder ghosts Laurel she seeks him out and calls him on it. You will see same wonderful characters from the previous books in the interconnected, stand-alone series. It is always great to read about them. One click Nailed for some heat on your ereader and follow the journey of self discovery that Laurel and Ryder take with a little help from their friends.
by: Lexilooloolex

I'm loving this series pretty hard right about now! This time it's Laurel's and Ryder's turn in the hot seat, and their journey to romance was an enjoyable ride. They've both got exes who were toxic, and while that might be awkward, because they each understand what life is truly living with someone who has mental issues and won't seek treatment. That might be something unusual to bond over, but they both understand how it's shaped them into the people they are now, and they've learned how to not let it affect them on a daily basis. I liked that Laurel took that step to find out why Ryder ghosted her. Their relationship progresses quickly, but sometimes it works like that, there's no timetable for when your heart decides when it's ready to let love in. As much as I enjoyed Laurel and Ryder, I gotta say that Nate was a big part of the reason why I liked this book so much. He was such an astute 9-year old, sometimes mannish in some ways, yet still the precocious little boy at times. My heart hurt for him when he was talking about his weekend visits with his father; and speaking of his father, Laurel's ex is some piece of work, especially with that last visit to her house. And with this book we still get quick glimpses of the rest of the gang: Imogen and Jesse are still just as cute as ever, Audra with all her salaciousness and her BAE Franco, and just a bit more insight into Nova and her backstory. With the way this book ended, I'm both excited and dreading the last book of the series, but I have a feeling it's going to be the best of all four books!
by: scottnl73

5 STAR Review by Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review I can't with this story. I'm so in lust with Ryder and Laurel. I loved every second of this witty, sweet, sexy book. Both of these characters have had it rough. Their past have left them not wanting to open up their hearts to old wounds. I loved watching to fall for these two. I know they had a rough start, but it was good to see them give it another chance. I loved getting to know them through the others eyes. I loved watching Ryder and Nate. I loved watch Ryder stand up for Laurel. Most of all, I loved the fall. These two were made for each other. I can't wait to see what's to come for Nova. Please check out this awesome book!
by: JodiB79

Laurel and Ryder story was awesome. Even though sometimes it be hard to believe you have an amazing person by your side.
by: NicolaBear23

A disfunctional relationship leaves emotional scars. This book hit me right where I used to live in marriage to a man who is bipolar. Picking up the pieces after is never easy but these two do it seamlessly and Ryder is that man every single mom dreams of finding. The one who loves your kid, who is that one to show you love still exists and that not all men come with a barrage of mental issues. Fun and full of Jasinda’s trademark steam. A witty, second chance at love journey with great friends and even greater men, plus I’m still loving the fact that these characters are all hovering around 40!
by: cyberdill

Ms. Wilder has nailed another great storyline in the Dad Bod Construction series. The storyline and the characters are both steller. Kudos for a job well done. This is Ryder and Laurel’s story. These two are both dealing with emotions from their their first marriages. Both suffered a lot of emotional situations to the point neither trust easily and are both are very leery of connecting with others of an intimate level. But something draws these two towards one another and eventually taking the first step by going on a date. Their attraction grows and trust me they are one HOT Couple when they get together. But outside forces are still at play. Can Ryder and Laurel get past their past internal struggles? What about the forces that don’t want them move on? This is a very well written fun, sassy, romance that will have you laughing at every turn; from the crazies in Laurel’s girlfriend group to Laurel’s 9 year old son and Ryder’s sharp wits. Trust me when I say Nailed will have you grinning to down right laughing out loud as Laurel and Ryder muddle their way through trying to starting over. I highly recommend this 5 star read, which is book 3 in a 5 star series. 2 Thumbs Up!!!
by: Bobaloupy

I love Ryder and Laurel’s book. They both are dealing with difficult past and some not so much in the past. They are amazing together but will they let trouble determine their future?. Welll you just need to read this. I have loved every book in this series, they have all been five star reads but this book is definitely my favorite. I highly recommend this book! *Magic Beyond The Covers Book Blog*
by: Jenn_77