Howard Stern Comes Again PDF Download

By: Howard Stern
Relase Date: 2019-05-14
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Arts & Entertainment

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I have been an avid fan and listener of Howard for decades. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in two days doing little else! Howard has changed so much and I love reading the openers he wrote sharing his thoughts. The interviews were so so for me as I had heard them before. If you are not a listener you will love them! Hard to please both groups. The book is well written and his journey has had many paths. Definetely buy the book but Howard more Howard less interviews. You are the star we want to hear from!!!
by: cheftulip

I want my money back. All he did was print out some show transcripts and put them in a book. Incredibly disappointing.
by: Redfuzz88

funny and touching and sweet- a slowed down version of conversations with the most interesting celebrities today. This book offers what I missed as a listener- even if you think you know everything and have heard it all- basically the ultimate insider glimpse of the studio - from the perspective of Howard himself
by: stef from California

Great for both long time listeners and new fans
by: ozzie@16

Zero effort was put into penning this book. It took Howard Stern two years to write a four page intro. The rest of it was transcripts from interviews that are better listened to on YouTube or his channel on Sirius. Take the money and run, I guess!
by: Remulack

by: TechnoNomad

This is an amazing read. Sure I have SiriusXM, the app and can listen to/watch these interviews, but I love the intro and transcripts of the interviews. It’s great to have printed history of the best interviewer in the world.
by: Finchbyrd