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By: Gary Sinise
Relase Date: 2019-02-12
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Arts & Entertainment

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We should all strive to be more like Gary, what a blessing to our troops.
by: TRSargent

What a wonderful book with so much depth of purpose. We are so lucky to have the freedom in our country. God bless our troops and God bless AMERICA!!
by: PinkySouth

What insight and honesty. Thank you Mr. Sinise for sharing your life and the lives of your family to so many.
by: Retired 911

This is a raw, honest tale of Gary Sinise’s life so far. From his days as a, somewhat, rebellious teen to his journey to build his acting career to evolving into, arguably, one of our finest Americans, this biography will sustain your interest throughout. Mr. Sinise is not afraid to be candid about the poor choices he made as a teen, the effects of alcoholism on his family, his faith journey and other personal struggles. The overriding theme is gratitude as the title indicates. Mr. Sinise calls us to recognize and honor our military and first responder heroes as he has dedicated his life to this noble cause. A MUST READ FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!
by: Ali Reed