Look Alive Twenty-Five PDF Download

By: Janet Evanovich
Relase Date: 2018-11-13
Genre: Women Sleuths, Mysteries & Thrillers

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Crazy, funny, suspenseful...I loved it! I try to picture the characters from the movie for #1, I've started adding faces and changing a few as I read more. It would be fabulous to see a movie series of these books! Please keep writing more?!?!!!
by: Nana's Rock Collection

Very disappointing. Lacked th trademark humor of the series.
by: Mjpar72

I know that these books make a lot of money and they are enjoyable but they are just fluff now. After 25 books her characters have not moved or grown at all. I know so many that have given up. I keep hoping the next book will be the one. Do you just want to make money or do you care about your books and their characters. Do something Each book gets more boring and more frustrating. She's ruining a good thing.
by: UnicornRhino

by: Kthlhrn987

I loved it very much never disappoints
by: Hotwheelsg67

It’s Groundhogs Day with this tiresome book. After 25, enough bouncing back and forth between Ranger and Morelli. How about a new man who will commit in 26? Improbable story and not enough Grandma!
by: Denny 2020

I have loved the series until the last few editions. More extreme vulgarity that supersedes the humor. It use to be funny when referencing a man’s Willy wonka was worded for humor, not double X shock talk. The plots are more smorgasbord rerun than new growth. Can the story be switched up- Let Stephanie own the bonds business and become Vinnie’s boss and LuLu and Connie do takedown. Let Stephanie rescue Ranger and Morelli.
by: Crazy Christmas elf