Kingdom of the Blind PDF Download

By: Louise Penny
Relase Date: 2018-11-27
Genre: British Detectives, Mysteries & Thrillers

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Louise, we’re so deeply sorry for your loss but so thankful you’ve shared Armand Gamache and Three Pines with us all these years. Kingdom of the Blind was a wonderful multi story story, as usual, and Three Pines, again, gave us a magical place to dream of visiting or living. While we hope there will be another Gamache story we end by saying “thank you Louise”.
by: Bob3161944

Kingdom of the Blind is yet another precious gift from Louise Penny to her legion of readers. Her skill and mastery of the genre have never been more evident than here.
by: SDWill

And two more: ‘thank you’ to Louise Penny for writing this wonderful series.
by: 3PinesLvr

Too long. Too wordy. Couldn’t’t finish it.
by: Discriminating Reader

Another comforting story by a wonderful storyteller. Yes, it involves murder and deceit. It also involves family and cozy evenings by a roaring fire. Indeed a wonderful read! Thank you Louise Penny for another story that shares all the characters of Three Pines with the literary world.
by: OrchardMom

I was never able to download this pre-ordered book on my iPhone X. Hours of tech support eliminated all the possible hardware & software issues with my device. I was able to download another title. The Apple Store support person concluded there is a problem with this particular title & refunded by purchase price. It’s a development issue, she told me.
by: Suarepeg