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By: Nicholas Sparks
Relase Date: 2018-10-16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Very well written! True love will always find a way! Must read and I hope someday it will be a movie.
by: rachel11397

While reading this, I felt myself and thought about only anger with regret. In the end it has made me see that forgiveness and understanding are much stronger forces. Two people who loved and lost love have shown that, that lost love will always prevail for reasons only known to a higher power.
by: MJBisceg

This wonderful experience truly took my breath away and made me realize....it's NEVER too late ❤️
by: Won't take review

This is the worst book you have written..... I can’t even come up with words to explain how awkward and drawn out some parts were and the lack of so much detail in other parts. It seemed like a big jumble of memories in someone’s head pouring out. It was awful.
by: Peterson2332

Realized that the setting was supposed to be in 1990 but Sparks talks about one character texting towards the end of Chapter Two. Sparks has gotten sloppy with his writing and this just shows there was no concern for the historical integrity of the book.
by: mzreep9917

A beautiful love story that touches your heart . . We all dream and strive to experience a love so deep and everlasting. Beautifully written.
by: Brian's love

I couldn’t put the book down. I finished it in about a day and a half. I cried laughed and got lost in the love story of Hope and Tru. It was definitely worth reading.
by: Their mom0714