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By: Nicholas Sparks
Relase Date: 2018-10-16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Absolutely loved this book, as I do all of Nicholas Sparks’ books. I couldn’t put it down! Loved reading this and will likely read a second time! Thank you Nicholas Sparks! ❤️
by: Britnie & Amanda ❤️

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by: nycrn1234

Read this book in two days. Completely captivated me. Only bummer was finding out it wasn’t a true story.
by: katkaye

This is a very moving book; in fact, it made me cry several times, which is rare for me. There were parts that were disappointing, and I won’t give away any spoilers. But there were also parts that made my heart well with joy. “Every Breath” is essentially a love story, but it is also a story about believing in what seems unbelieveable, in hoping when there is no logical reason to hope. I appreciated that there was no cursing in the book, and I think it shows a special gift of writing, that Sparks didn’t find it necessary to rsort to that. It is a uniqe story, in that one of the well-drawn “Characters” is not a person, but a mailbox in which people share their hopes, dreams, greifs and joys. Sparks’ story was not predictable, and he is skilled at presenting surprises. I also enjoyed learning a little bit about Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa. I recommend this book.
by: PierresFamily

It always makes me so sad to read stories of love and time lost . Tru and Hope’s love was so strong and pure. I’m happy they found their way back to one another.
by: lauries85

by: Brooke 🖤💜