Queen of Air and Darkness PDF Download

By: Cassandra Clare
Relase Date: 2018-12-04
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

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This book is full of twists and turns. It keeps you shook til the very last word.
by: katiee p

The Shadowhunter universe has always been incredibly exciting, and Queen of Air and Darkness stays true to that excitement. It was a great read, and I'm glad Clare gives readers some closure. However, if you were expecting this ebook to contain the bonus illustrations and A Long Conversation, Part 2, you are purchasing the wrong copy. I was disappointed to find out that the illustrations and short story were not included when they are mentioned in the descriptions. It's really misleading.
by: PenMasterEm

Wordy blather sprinkled with exotic names.
by: DaiAlanye

Really food series. Really fun always keeps you on your toes.
by: StableBigfoot47

The book is great overall, but the title character played an abysmally small role which is a missed opportunity in my eyes.
by: ccy1991

This felt more like a remake to City of Heavenly Fire in my opinion, however it finally opens the big “What if” questions towards The Mortal Instruments series. But I will tell you that this finale is one hell of a tear jerker. It answered every questions that have been harboring my mind and raised the stakes that I thought I would never climb over. Cassandra Clare has yet again blossomed my heart towards her world of Shadowhunters. I’m sad this is probably the last of what I’ll read of Emma, Julian, and the rest of the Blackthorn families and all of their friends and allies, but I know Cassandra is going to write more books, so this might not be the end, possibly a soft “See you soon!”
by: FableKid

The ending..... what a great twist!
by: gette106