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By: Victoria James
Relase Date: 2017-04-10
Genre: Romance, Contemporary

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Loved the story line. So much more can be written from this one book. Will purchase the next book!!
by: Hope in Gulfport

Jack finally returns home after having to bury his twin and nephew 5 years ago. When he left he thought he was doing what was best for everyone. But was it, or was running away only best for him? Will Lily ever forgive him? Lily lost everything after the tragedy that made Jack leave town. She still loves him, but could she ever trust that he’d stay at the first sight of trouble, or will he turn trail and run again? You’ll have to read THE BABY BOMBSHELL (Shadow Creek, Montana #2) to find out how things workout with Lily and Jack, but it’ll be worth your time, just remember to have some tissues handy. Another amazing love story by Victoria James. Her stories are always so emotionally charged that you can’t help but turn another page to see what happens next. This story deals with the loss of family and yourself, believing and having faith, coming home, as well as learning to come out of it all a better person. I laughed, smiled so much my cheeks hurt as well as bawled my eyes out—sad as well as happy tears. I cannot wait for another Victoria James story! I thoroughly loved reading it. What a heartbreaking but love filled HEA story! I received an ARC via IndieSagePr and Entangled Publishing through NetGalley for an honest blog tour review. Favorite Passages ~ ~You’ve mourned enough; you’ve got to reclaim your life now. No more hiding,” ~ “You can’t look back. You can’t change the past. It’s done.” ~ “I’m back. A different version of me, but I’m here and I can tell you, it was all worth it. I’ve been blessed in new ways, ways I’d never imagined for myself.”
by: GmaLeena

I believe in Victoria James, always a must read for me. A second chance romance that will pull at your heartstrings and not let go.Jack left five years ago after a family tragedy and now returns to make amends with his family and the love of his life, Lily. After one night Lily vows to never let it happen again but she soon learns she is pregnant. Will it be enough to keep them together this time? When you get ready to read this book, plan on not getting up until done. An amazing story of second chance romance, must have kleenex close by, you will shed happy and sad tears. My heart went out to Jack, such a burden he held onto. I highly recommend this story.
by: SBart79

LOVED this one!! It's a fantastic second chance story. Lily and Jack had it all going until tragedy strikes Jack's family and he can't handle things. He leaves town leaving Lily heartbroken. It took him 5 long years to get himself together but he's back now and determined to prove to Lily he's the man she needs and deserves. Lily's not so sure about that though! How far will get go to get her back?? Don't miss this very well done story. Not a ton of angst, nice small town romance that just plucks at the heartstrings. I highly recommend this one.
by: bh313@hotmail