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I studied the Book of Revelation , but the end times never appealed to me, but I enjoyed this book p. It wasn’t really about a end, but about the time of getting ready first time a new beginning and beginning anew. The prospect of a baby being born and and romance beginning was good of course if the end time and a new beginning of time seemed to not just to be coincidence bi symbolic.
by: CMRosebaom

Not my normal forte but once I started to read this book I could not put it down.
by: #1dancer1

The writing is classic NR, but the tale is entirely new. Complicated storytelling will leave you anxious for the rest of the story.
by: Note Card: Free from LearnSmart

One of the best thank you
by: Buzgirl

I literally couldn’t stop reading this book. So much sorrow, beauty, pain, fear, strength and hope. I’m really sad that I’m already done. Perhaps I should pace myself next time... I can’t wait for the next book to come out!
by: BittyB86

Roberts can do sci-fi well, see JD Robb’s books and Eve Dallas, this is horrible!! Was listening on audiobooks and quit after the second chapter. UGH
by: Severma22

Ready for the next one!
by: BDQueen36