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By: Tayari Jones
Relase Date: 2018-02-06
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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I am a wife of a former inmate. I think the author gave a good depiction of the struggles a former inmate feels when returning to society. However, the characters seems a bid distance and the story lost momentum fairly quickly for me.
by: Lady of Literature

I love the beginning but the ending is a little bit too rush...
by: meow_shanshan

It is well written for sure. It if wasn’t I wouldn’t of made it to the half way mark. It just didn’t have an interesting enough story for the great writing skills to serve. The story did not captivate and it just got tedious to listen to each character blab about their feelings from a thousand different angles. It felt like a tragedy circle jerk. It was a weird type of book for me, like I was reading about how the characters were reacting to a story instead of just reading a good story. I kept waiting for a plot to develop and it just played out like a soap opera with no twists.
by: da Drizzler

I wouldn’t quite describe it as predictable, but the characters lacked something and their choices and the direction on the book seemed to lack complexity or depth. It’s usual for me to read a book and dislike nearly every character. I only finished this book because I don’t like to walk away from a book that I’m reading.
by: Ms.Philadlphia

One of the few novels that I have been able to read; that has allowed me to not to take a side. Beautifully describes the gray parts of a tragic happening of two people in love. Life changing!
by: Kim, finding other worlds.

An American Marriage is a book that will have you at the edge of your seat. The straight to the point approach will have you wanting to keep reading until it is complete. A great book
by: Poderoso_Rey

The new version
by: highwayoldman