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By: Tiffany Reisz
Relase Date: 2017-07-11
Genre: Paranormal, Romance

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It was a great read from the beginning to the end. The only thing I wasn’t in love with was the ending, I needed more closure. It was a great book nonetheless!!!
by: Meshaa86

A must read if you like erotica. Tiffany Reisz does it again. Great for your imagination.
by: 78Kris

Just page after page of sex no story line
by: Mo3bbb

Hot! Hot! Hot! Intoxicatingly Erotic! This was the most erotic story I have ever read! Blush! Blush! The heat of this story will singe your fingers as you turn the pages. Not only from the content but from the speed of your fingers turning the pages to read more. Tiffany Reisz is a masterful author of erotica and she out did herself in this story, in my opinion. This was captivatingly, arousing storytelling at its finest. If you want your panties to combust, this is your story. Mystery, suspense, with dark, erotically, ominous overtone I devoured this! Loved it! Received a ARC through the publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily wrote an honest review.
by: Astroyic

Mona promised her mother on her death bed that she would do anything to keep The Red, her mother's art gallery. A mysterious man known to her as only Malcolm gives her a proposition. He'll save The Red if she agrees to be his sexually for the next year. He'll come to her about once a month and be able to do whatever he wants with or to her. Each time he comes, they begin by acting out a scene from a different famous piece of art. Every meeting is a unique and erotic experience. Do not try to read this book in a public setting. There's a good chance you'll need some 'me time' more than once. The scenes may push your boundaries also. I enjoyed each time Malcolm paid a visit. Certain bits almost made me combust. I loved the ending. I guessed something along those lines of what Malcolm was, but I never would have guessed his end game. The story wraps up well, but I wouldn't be opposed to revisiting Mona in another book.
by: Toni FGMAMTC

Well, I can definitely say this was a unique story. It was a bit out there for me, but I admit I was still fascinated with where the author was going with it and I actually really loved the ending. This is one of those books I think is best to just dive in not knowing what it's about. I think knowing certain aspects may take away from the story. I will say I felt it was pretty risque` and not your typical love story. A bit on the dark side. If you are looking for something unique that is well written, I would recommend this book. ARC provided by NetGalley.
by: ~Mindy Lou~